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At Sea Counsel, we believe in helping you becoming the leader of tomorrow with this once in a lifetime opportunity which allows you to explore your hidden potential and skills. These real life situations outside the rigid office environment, on a sailing boat, can prove to be a turning point in your career growth and development.

These experiences which you have with your crew, are going to help test and hone some of your basic skills, such as:
1. Endurance
2. Communication skills
3. Impact

Furthermore, the coaching and counselling session is going to provide you with ample time for self-reflection. Reflect on how you can improve yourself. Reflect on what is keeping you back from reaching the pinnacles of success. Reflect to bring about a positive change in your lifestyle! Become aware of the soft skills which you have to start testing your limits. Using these skills you will then be able to develop your own personal strategy. To have a firm grip on your strengths you first also need to recognize your weaknesses as well. Manage around your weaknesses and  focus on your strengths. Develop your own brilliant strategy – makes you happy and help increasing your value add to your company.

Furthermore we also provide HR Consulting advise as well as Outplacement services for employees and employers!

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