Our counselling approach is focused on increasing participant’s self awareness and is holistic. The program takes place on a sailing boat which helps sharpening perception of own actions and feedback from others.
We will support you!

We offer our program in Thailand, Mallorca and Greece.


The Program Contains:

-Three or six days of ACTIVE sailing sessions: Everyone is in charge of the helm through the rotation process.
-A chance to interact with various people from diverse companies and industries Individual Feedback and Group Discussions.
-Off Boat surprise which is a combination of respect, humbleness, action and gallantry.
-Ex ante and Ex post questionnaire for individual feedback along with self-reflection forms.
-Self awareness through experience and collective feedback.
-Course certificate.
-And of course, team spirit!

The program focuses on strengthening the self-awareness as well as self-regulation to which we will support you:

  • Improve personal relationships
  • Improve communication
  • Shift from confusion to clarity
  • Achieve internal peace
  • Have an optimistic outlook towards life
  • Learn effective coping strategies

The programme has been set up by the founder, who is a Master of Science (Lic. Phil / M. Phil) Occupational & Educational Psychologist; trained in Switzerland with a long and extensive international experience in cross-cultural Environments and Industries (Switzerland, India, Singapore). 

We believe we can make an impact in today’s corporate world, enhancing their Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence by working in a natural environment with them.

Courses are offered in English and German.