Sometimes professional ways go apart between company and employees; for various reasons We talk here of euphemism as: redundant, retrenchment, position outsourced, re-organization, etc. Here the counselling of companies providing Outplacement services is utmost useful.

Generally we only accept Outplacement mandates from either individuals (facing a termination situation or in a terminated situation) or from a company. In exceptional cases we take mandates counselling both, the individual and the company representatives upon explicit consent from both parties.

We at Sea Counsel offer Outplacement in Singapore services for Individuals as well as for Enterprises.


  • Cross management – Move to a different job position within current company or a new company
  • Rescue coaching – Are you about to get the final meeting? What to do?
  • Career Coaching – What are the next steps when searching for a new challenge?
  • Stress management und Burn-out – Support for persons concerned and early avoidance of the situation – What is professional stress or burn-out? (also visit
  • Cultural Awareness and Integration – Providing support for following countries: SG, HK, China, India, Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, GB, USA


  • Workshop on the topic communication and handling of a finalising working relationship
  • Advice on individual handling of terminated employee
  • On scene support during the termination discussions

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